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GS-Hydro offers professional and fast installation among many other on-site services.

Easy Installation and Clean Piping System

The flange based jointing technology combined with the use of prefabricated piping modules makes installation fast and easy. On-site bending, flaring and grooving can be minimized by optimizing the prefabrication with only adjustments made on-site with portable machines. Due to the absence of welding there is no need for either x-raying or post-weld cleaning.

The ease of installation is further enhanced due to the fact that unlike welded flanges both GS-Retain Rings and Flare Flanges rotate allowing easy bolt alignment. The detailed assembly/installation instructions provided by GS-Hydro further support the quick installation.

The non-welded technology produces an inherently clean piping system, which requires significantly less cleaning/flushing prior to start-up, shortening thus the overall installation time.

The fast and easy installation of GS-Hydro’s non-welded Piping System combined with the minimized need for flushing/cleaning, leads to a significantly reduced overall cost compared to conventional, welded piping systems.

GS-Hydro offers reliable on-site services for its global customer. Benefits of GS-Hydro’s on-site services include on-time project delivery, quality and cost control. These on-site services include supervision, assembly, installation, flushing and testing of a non-welded piping system. Especially in larger projects, it is always recommended to use a GS-Hydro project management and supervisor.

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